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1982-1984 Personal Assistant to Record Producer Martin Hannett

The name for the Invisiblegirl organisation was inspired by Martins group The Invisible Girls.

Martin at Strawberry Studios 1980

In 1982 Martin had legal issues with Factory Records.
He eventually got back into his routine as record producer and planned various projects for different record companies.

Martin with his diary 1983

Martin at the desk

Some favourite Hannett produced songs:
Atmosphere   by Joy Division
Boredom   by The Buzzcocks
Moody  by E.S.G.
Wrote For Luck  by The Happy Mondays


Martin had ideas about building a recording studio, at Shrigley Hall in Cheshire (now a hotel). The building was for sale in 1982

Examples of Martins poetry/doodles


Video of Martin in Strawberry Studios in June 1980 (tv broadcast with Tony Wilson)

Tapes rescued when Strawberry Studios closed in 1990's include some of Martins production works. Related news item here.

The tapes are being sorted out with the copyright owners.

The joy division estate took agressive legal action about the 6 Joy Division reels, which resulted in a court case. Julia Adamsons defence can be read here and associated documents. It has been a time consuming matter.
It has transpired that these are the only Joy Division master reels in existance.
List of Joy Division reels.
reel 1
reel 2
reel 3
reel 3 (2)
reel 4
reel 4 (2)
reel 5
reel 5 (2)
reel 6
reel 6 (2)

The Sisters Of Mercy reel has gone to their biggest fan in Italy
(no commercial use ©).
SOM reel.

A box of tapes has been donated to the Strawberry Studios Museum, due to open in 2017. The copyright owners were happy to donate them.

A 2 inch multitrack by 80's electronica group Illustration is now with the groups archivist. The tape includes a single (and B side) and was produced by Martin Hannett in 1980. Invisiblegirl Records label manager Julia Adamson played keyboards with the group.

We're currently sorting out the other reels.

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