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1986-1993 What?Noise

first line-up (1986-1990)

Tim Harris, Julia Adamson and Chris Nagle

Nagle and Adamson were sound engineers employed at Strawberry and Yellow Two Studios in Stockport in the late 1980s. Harris was also an experienced sound technician.

Playing various instruments; including stylaphone, guitars and whirly sound hose they also enjoyed programming drums and sequencers using C Lab software (now Logic Pro) on Atari computers.

They performed a U.K support tour with Fishbone during 1989 and toured Universities with label mates Finitribe in 1990 while promoting their new album 'Fat'. They also played many local concerts in Manchester with Indie groups such as Dubsex, Flatback Four, Laugh, Inspiral Carpets.

What?Noise releases:

4 Track  Vein EP  (IG0001) released on Cut Deep Records in 1989 and was available on 12" vinyl only.

Re-issued on Invisiblegirl Records on September 14 2006.

Sleeve detail by Paul Khera
(appears by kind permission of Cut Deep Records)

Song titles and details:


Video by Factory Icon for title track Vein made in 1989

The Vein EP has also been made available as part of a Double EPCD IG0006.  Vein and Lose And Win. (9 Tracks)   CD only.


Fat Album  (IG0007) originally released on vinyl and CD on One Little Indian Records in 1990.

Re-issued on Invisiblegirl Records on 21 December 2008

Sleeve detail by Paul Khera
(appears by kind permission of One Little Indian Records)

More about the re-issue here, including  press reviews from the original release in  1990.

A video of Change from Fat album can be seen here

Song titles and details:

 Strange Times

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Various compilation tracks were also released at the time; including a couple of cover versions and some remixes on Scam Records, Imaginary Records, One Little Indian and Sheer Joy Records.


Second line-up (1990-1993)

After employing a new vocalist, when Tim Harris moved to Devon, a new batch of songs were recorded. Mark Hoyle joined the group on vocals/guitar and Jay Taylor on bass/guitar, adding a new dimension to the music (previously in Dubsex and Dumb).

The group performed a few concerts locally, including one at Stockport Town Hall with The Fall where the following stills were taken.

Mark Hoyle on Vocals

Julia Nagle/Adamson on Guitar/Programming

Four track EP Lose and Win (IG0002).
Previously unheard mixes.
September 14 2006.

Sleeve details: photo by Wotti

Song titles and details:

  New Plant
  Okey Cokey  

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Video of 'New Plant'

Chris Nagle on Guitar/Programming

Jay Taylor on Bass


Second line-up ..continued (1990-1993)

This line-up was a studio band essentially, as they spent most of the time writing and recording in dead time at Strawberry Studios where Nagle and Adamson worked.

Four track EP The Childraising (IG0004)
February 5 2007
Unreleased mixes and songs recorded with the second line-up of What?Noise.

Sleeve details: sketch by Peter Shear

Song titles and details
  Mickey Mouse Ears
 A Hippy Hit Me  
 Hover And Brood

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Photos from the time..

vocalist, Mark Hoyle

Chris (guitar) with son Baz

(L-R) Mark Hoyle (vocals) and Jay Taylor (bass)

Julia soundchecking

(Basil, Ellis and Gabby)


A third and final release of unheard songs.
21 December 2010 Nuance  (IG0028)
More details here

Track Listing

1 Paintin  
2 Hoover  
3 Plasticine  
4 Dizzy  

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  'Nuance'  (4 songs) IG0028

High quality digital download

Nuance - What?Noise

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  'Fat' album (14 songs) IG0007

High quality digital download

  Fat - What?Noise   

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  'The Childraising' (4 songs) IG0004

High quality digital download

The Childraising - EP - What? Noise

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  'Lose And Win' (4 songs) IG0002

High quality digital download

Lose and Win - EP - What? Noise

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  'Vein' (4 songs) IG0001

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What?Noise Double EPCD IG0006.  Vein and Lose And Win. 9 Tracks.  CD only





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