Independent record label Invisiblegirl Records and music publishing company Invisible Girl Music Limited is managed by Julia Adamson with the help of  talented volunteers.

Who we are:

Label Manager Julia Adamson
artist info

Michael Pinto
Graphic Designer:  helps with graphics
and runs Very Memorable Design

Richard Hector-Jones
Writercontact Richard on linkedin

Alex Stone
Graphic Designer/Copywriter
contact Alex on linkedin

Ran Nahmias
Multidisiplinair Artist,
helps with design for visual and audio.

Rick Flemming

Writer, a medical writer by trade.
Contact at

Fiona Ledgard 

Artist & Repertoire

Simon Christian
Software and Web Coding,

Mike Carvahlo

Sponsor, has worked in music related industries for many years and has been a supporter of the label since it began in 2006.

Helps with administration.

Faye Georgina Saville
Public Relations


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