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Release Date: 21 December 2008

The latest release A Place In Space is a compilation of original artists from around the planet and is a global release, available from us on CD or Apple Music and other streaming platforms.

This compilation showcases a unique collection of diverse artists from places as far afield as Portugal, India, Uruguay,Japan, and France to name a few, and represents a wide range of cultures, musics, ideas and experiences.

Specially selected from the MySpace social networking site by Invisiblegirl, A Place In Space is a truly fascinating listening experience.


Track 1 ~ 'We Are The Army / The Salivation Army March'    
Available from Apple Music.

The Salivation Army  
'We Are The Army / The Salivation Army March Edit,' is the single chosen from the once hardcore, punk and indie band from Victoria, Australia, and is a hybrid of two of The Salivation Army's songs.
Sadly now demised, this band were known for their strong energetic, upbeat and explosive punk and indie beats. The band were signed to Crackmonkey Records and consisted of General Nuisance on the drums, Corporal Punishment on bass and Private Parts on the guitar. They were influenced by the likes of The Ramones and The Sex Pistols and have been compared sound-wise to Black Flag - judge for yourself. During their time they toured seven times and since splitting up from The Salivation Army, drummer Sashsa has embarked on many musical projects.
The Salivation Arm can be found at:
Songs: 'We Are The Army / The Salivation Army March' ~ Writers: S.Prescott/B.Jones/A.Margolis

Track 2 ~ 'Plastic Conversation'    
Available from Apple Music.

Hailing from Tel Aviv, residing in Berlin, operating in another dimension, NRAN is a true artistic pioneer and serial experimentalist. As musician and composer, NRAN provides vocals, cello, piano and theremin to his electro and acoustic compositions. As artist, photographer and film-maker, he produces visual art equally intriguing as his unique musical creations. NRAN is a member of the Art-Net-Activist collective of artists and his music has soundtracked art collaborations with contemporary dance groups, theatre companies and independent film makers. NRAN has contributed two pieces to A Place in Space. 'Plastic Conversation' is a perfect introduction to the alternative electronic wonder of NRAN's music. NRAN can be found at:
Songs: 'Interval' and 'Plastic Conversation' ~ Writer: R.Nahmias
Watch video (mono):

Track 3 ~ 'B3F Animal Club'   
Available from Apple Music.

Elevation Arising from an alliance between several Tokyo-based musicians, Elevation specialise in frantic, energy-packed new wave. The sound of Elevation is driven by the vocals, guitar and Casio of A-HO and has featured on several compilation albums since the band formed in 2002. A-Ho has a noticeable vocal talent with a knack for natural song arrangement ~ she rocks, frankly. In early 2008, A-HO and guitarist M were joined by new bassist Bero and drummer Farm. With these new members on board, Elevation are heading in a new direction and are looking forward to seeing where they will arrive next. While continuing to write new material and play shows in Tokyo, Elevation are hoping to tour outside Japan in the near future. Elevation can be found at:
Song: 'B3F Animal Club' ~ Writers: I.Matsuoka/H.Inomata/

Track 4 ~ 'Will Beckett's March (Reprise)'    
Available from Apple Music.

Stuart Estell  
Stuart is from Birmingham in the UK and is a classically-trained pianist, singer and multi-instrumentalist. Accompanied by his guitar, autoharp, concertina or perhaps mountain dulcimer, he performs his own songs, traditional English and Appalachian folk music, and some occasional covers, including George Formby! The track chosen for A Place in Space is 'Will Beckett's March (Reprise)', an electric guitar masterpiece that feels like a traditional Scottish tune, but is an original composition. It is included on Stuarts second solo album 'Mother's Thinking Bath'. Other past and ongoing projects ~ including an acoustic performance of Harry Nilsson's spectacular album 'Harry', a drone metal tribute to Sunn O))), and regular appearances with the Birmingham Improvisers Orchestra ~ suggesting that, despite his protestations, Stuart Estell isn't just 'a brummie singing folk songs'. Stuart Estell can be found at:
Song: 'Will Beckett's March (Reprise)' ~ Writer: S.Estell

Track 5 ~ 'Dans Ta Gueule' ...translates as 'In Your Face'
Available from Apple Music.

'Buy it. Use it. Break it. Fix it. Trash it. Change it!' From Passa in France, likeable agitators Hektor distil the revolutionary spirit of fellow countrymen Daft Punk and Serge Gainsbourg, and cite influences including PIL and The B52s. What that translates to is a heady mixture of nu-punk electro with a sprig of classic rock'n'roll. Formed in 2005, Hektor first unleashed themselves on an unsuspecting public early last year, and are performing at many of the European festivals over the summer months. With a recent request from the B52s to have a track produced by Hektor, the future is looking good. A kaleidoscope of musical influences and group talent ensure uniqueness in style and their production skills are exceptional. A Place in Space features the title track from their debut album 'Dans Ta Gueule'. Hektor can be found at:
Song: "Dans Ta Gueule" ~ Writers: P.Pralba/F.Daude
Watch video (mono):

Track 6 ~ 'Tundora'    
Available from Apple Music.

Apologee And Pedlogee 

From Tokyo in Japan, A-ho (from Elevation, featured earlier) and her partner Takuro are Apologee And Pedlogee. Whilst Elevation is a punk edged group, with a Captain Beefheart guitar style influence, Apologee and Pedlogee have an altogether more electronic, melodic and minimalist approach to composition. The song written by A-ho and Takuro, is typical of A-ho's ear for a good song arrangement and vocal delivery. When I asked A-ho what the words Apologee And Pedlogee meant, she replied: 'They are names of the mascots in the imagination. They look like a bear, but we think they are the future creature. All the words of the song are the story of Apologee And Pedlogee'. The couple plan to make an animation of the mythical bears to go with the music in the near future. They can be found at
Song: Tundora ~ Writers: T.Orita/A.Kiode

Track 7 ~  'Aagghh'    
Available on Apple Music.

Danny Short  
'Aagghh', is the creation of Danny Short, an accomplished musician from Bolton in the UK. Writing and recording his own songs, Danny is constantly producing new and interesting material. This song is referred to by Danny as a 'naive love song lyric'; it boasts well composed vocal harmonies and vibrant guitar melodies reminiscent of The Kinks. Starting young, Danny has worked with many different bands and projects over the last few years, and is a current member of two bands: Big Arm and The Bamboo Merchants where he drums, sings and contributes to songwriting. Big Arm is a group set up with Happy Mondays member Paul Ryder, and they have had a busy touring schedule, including support slots with Ian Brown. Danny's first solo album, Collected Times, is released in April 2009 on Invisiblegirl. We love it.
Song: Aagghh ~ Writers: D.Short

Track 8 ~ 'Johnny the Bass Player'
Available from Apple Music.

Slate Machine  

Formed in Braga, Portugal in early 2006, Slate Machine create electrifying dance music that's impossible to categorise. The driving forces behind Slate Machine are the two founder members of 90's experimentalists Industrial Metal Machine (IMM) - Feel See and Dr Xano - and Feel See's brother, Pedro S. Together these three musical architects have designed Slate Machine to adapt to all types of live and studio environment so that 'the machine can fit with its changing surroundings, but always keep its own personality'. They have a sizeable following in Portugal amongst the art crowd. Slate Machine contribute the track 'Johnny the Bass Player' to A Place in Space. Slate Machine can be found at:
Song "Johnny The Bass Player" ~ Writers: Filipe Santos/ Eduardo Guerreio
Watch the video (mono)

Track 9 ~ 'Sexo Con El Teclado Nuev' ...translates as 'Sex With The New Keyboard'
Available from Apple Musics.

Fiesta Animal  

Fiesta Animal are an improvisational group from Montevideo in Uruguay South America and currently have six members (four female, two male). They have contributed track 'Sexo Con El Teclado Nuev' (which translates as 'sexy new keyboard'. Fiesta Animal perform their own songs, a mix of energetic and genuinely stylish improvisation that leave their audiences demanding encores. They like to interchange instruments, ,which means their music always sounds fresh. The group have been elected in the 'Garita Sonora' call by the Ministry Education and Culture in Uruguay, where some of Fiesta Animal's most experimental work will be performed and their excellent visual art exhibited. Their first album 'Gel De Balisica' has recently been made available on French Canadian label, Corps Mort Records. Fiesta Animal can be found at:
Song: 'Sexo Con El Teclado Nuev' ~ Writers: M.Perez/A.Moltini/J.Saldain/A.Rodriguez/A.Arioni
Watch the video (mono)

Track 10 ~ 'Interval'
Available from Apple Music.

The second track from NRAN is Interval, is a short piece featuring the acoustic experimentalism of his other identity, "NRAN II". NRAN II can be found at:
Songs: 'Interval' ~ Writer: R.Nahmias

Track 11 ~ 'Maan Na Kariye (Edit)'    
Available from Apple Music.

Ruchira Kale  
Ruchira Kale is a multi-talented vocalist from Pune in India. Born into a family of musicians, she had a passion for music from an early age and has had extensive music training from some of the most renowned and legendary artists in classical Indian music. Ruchira's music the traditional Hindustani style; her singing is soothing and emotive. She says her musical art is 'an amalgamation of my strong fundamental training along with the diverse and rich influences of the maestro's of Indian music'. Ruchira has performed at many prestigious events in India and has toured the USA and Canada. She hopes to establish her brand of music worldwide through solo concerts and collaborations, opening ears to the magic of Classical Indian music. The song has been edited to 4 minutes for the compilation, the full version (or Raag) is 19 minutes long and we are planning to make this available. Ruchira can be found at:
Songs: 'Maan Na Kariye (edit)'~ Writers: Traditional Indian Classical Music

Track 12 ~ 'w34k 4nd sm4ll'   ... translates as 'Weak And Small'    
Available from Apple Music.

Unicorn Dream Attack  
Exponents of '8 Bit' & 'Chip Tunes', Unicorn Dream Attack use Gameboys, cheap keyboards, electronic toys and vocoders to make music that stands out in the genre for its humanity, craft and melodic sensibility. From Minnesota, USA, Stefan Keen is well known on the 8-bit scene and has performed at 'The Blip Festival', which is dedicated to this niche music. 'w34k 4nd sm4ll' (or, 'Weak And Small') is hauntingly well arranged and composed and leaves you wondering if this guy does actually design music for children's games.. the elusive composer leaves us guessing. With fine vocoder work, a sparkling production and beautiful lyrics this song will catch your attention forever ~ truly lovely. Unicorn Dream Attack can be found at:
Song: 'w34k 4nd sm4ll' ~ Writer: S.Keen
Watch the video (mono)

Track 13 ~ 'Crazy Shopping To Planets'    
Available from Apple Music.

Ramide is an Italian DJ artist who creates tracks that blend a harmonic, melodic and polyphonic continuation of sound with exceptional rhythms . She frequently performs live, playing DJ sets; she says her music sounds like 'an androgen communication between culture and nature', - to us, it sounds jubilant and fresh. Graduating in cultural anthropology, Ramides' talents extend into designer jewellery (her full name being Raffaella Del Ferraro). She says 'my eclecticism reflects in my musical style but it is difficult to define my music'. Who cares when it sounds as good as this? 'Crazy shopping to Planets' is the title track from her album, where each song has the name of a planet. Ramide can be found at:
Song 'Crazy Shopping To Planets' ~ Writer: R. Del Ferraro

Track 14 ~ 'The Thankyou Song'    
full stereo version available from Apple Music.

Mr Hopkinson's Computer™  

Mr Hopkinson's Computer™ is the brainchild of music programmer David Hopkinson from Bristol in the UK. This version of Andrew Gold'ss 'The Thankyou Song' will get you smiling with its unusual squelchy synth sounds and the warmest (but tinged with melancholy) computer vocals you'll ever hear. There are some cute and amusing videos (on Youtube) with a backing band playing along with the specially designed tracks. Starting off as a hobbyist, Mr Hopkinson's Computer's reputation and popularity is gaining momentum (especially for his cover versions like this one) and he is appearing at this year's Green Man Festival; and has made appearances at other festivals including; Latitude, Blackout and The Big Chill. An endorsement from BBC Radio One has helped amass a following of loyal supporters. He has been compared to Morrissey, Eddie the shipboard computer and even BT Call Minder! Mr Hopkinson's Computer™ can be found at:
Song: 'The Thankyou Song' ~ Writer: A.Gold

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