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3 new releases for 26 May 2010



Backdoor Beauties by Sista Ray And the Jerkin' Tears

Available from iTunes

Debut from Wythenshawe pups Sista Ray And The Jerkin' Tears:  A colourful bunch of cross-dressers with the wit of pantomine and old music hall incorporating Cynical Realism along with an unsung feminist message comparable to Valerie Solanis perhaps, singing songs for instance from the perspective of a child porn victim in 'I Pose For Daddio' and in another case celebrating the economically viable alcohol drink Lambrini (cherry red) woven into a comic and compelling story of shoplifting and love in 'Lambrini Lover'.

Led by front person, Queen Diva (Nathan Mcilroy) on main vocal and guitar, co-writers include Samina Supreme (Adam Orton) on bass, Alanis Mussolini (Anthony Bradley) on guitar and Ho Chi Lynn (Louis Brehony) on Sax, with a handful of other helpers, drums, penny whistle, percussion.

Track 1 ~ *I Pose For Daddio
Track 2 ~ Lambrini Lover
Track 3 ~ Shake Sista! Shake!
Track 4 ~ When I Grow Up
Track 5 ~ *All About The P***y

* explicit

Recent live performance by Sista Ray And The Jerkin' Tears in Manchester  (*explicit)


More about Sista Ray And The Jerkin' Tears on their ~ myspace



Stars And Satellites
by John Hamlin feat. Emmy Mcintyre   

Available from iTunes

A couple of melodic ballads from Liverpool based songwriter John Hamlin, with Emmy Mcintyre on vocals (pictured on sleeve).

Track 1 ~ Shooting Stars
Track 2 ~ Outerlimiting



The Apologist
by City Of Glass. A follow-up to Tales From The City (album) released in 2009


Track 1 ~ The Apologist
Track 2 ~ Strange Behaviours
Track 3 ~ Transform
Track 4 ~ The Apologist Remix (end of level baddie remix)
Track 5 ~ The Apologist Radio Edit

More info for City Of Glass on their myspace ~ here

Available on CD (paypal)




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