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15-11-2022  Winter 2022. National Film Registry for Pariah (Echelon - soundtrack by Honeychild Coleman). Reissue of Light User Syndrome by The Fall. Book by Audrey Golden - I thought I heard You Speak - Women at Factory Records. Stockport Music Map.

15-05-2020  Cover version, Compilation, Live Album and new work from Moff Skellington.

21-12-19  Strawberry Studios exhibition. Honeychild Coleman. The Fall - Levitate reissue. Ruchira news.

31-01-18  Music publishing news. Honeychild Coleman. City Of Glass. Kin. A Place in Space compilation revisited. The Fall.

04-04-17 New single Midnight Oil from Shaking Chains, Strawberry Studios Exhibition, Ruchira, Moff Skellington new album Golfer In Disgrace, NRAN working with D.R.Y.

01-05-16 New album Fantastic Vision from Borland, Slow TV album from Kin, AKA Belle charity single, song dispute, radio interview about Strawberry Studios and forthcoming exhibition..

01-09-15 Danny Short and his group Transmitters. NRAN song. Honeychild Coleman dub song. Moff Skellington new album. Stuart Estell soundcloud as Lachenalia.

01-02-15 Video from Invisiblegirl Records Day at Seven Miles Out, Festive Fringe, Stockport in December featuring Lisa-Marie Glover, Tom Ramsbottom. Strawberry Tapes; Illustration multitrack. Stage plan for The Fall.

01-11-14 Invisiblegirl Records Day! Lisa-Marie Glover, Tom Ramsbottom, Spider King. More about the tapes rescued from the skip at Strawberry Studios.

31-03-14 Concerts. Honeychild involved with girl band animation. Rescued Tape reels from Strawberry Studios (including Joy Division copy masters). The Happy Soul and Moff Skellington news.

20-02-13 Videos, Press (radio sessions and concerts!). Including; Anthematic, Kin, Honeychild, Illustration and What?Noise

31-12-12 Youths Eternal video by Honeychild. Live footage from Ruchira and Kin. Audio from demo's from The Happy Soul's album 'The Modern Day Composer Refuses To Die'. Meryl Streeps acceptance speech at The Golden Globes mentioning Pariah Movie, that features a soundtrack from Honeychild.

15-08-12 Anthematic single release from Tehran and publishing signing Spider Mike King single 'Serenity'.

Spring-Summer 2012:
Much radio play and live sessions by Invisiblegirl Artists, including 2 stations playlisting Honeychild. German Magazine Hanix video interview with Honeychild. Video of Hibiscus from Dot Dot Dot EP by Kin made available. What?Noise classic album recalled by Manchester Scenewipe .

01-05-11 'Bereket Window' album release from Honeychild Coleman including 2 beautifully filmed videos by the artist.

April 2011: Museum Of Science And Industry in Manchester exhibition about early computers, including an Atari 580ST and Akai S1000 extensively used from 1986-1999 by Chris and Julia Nagle, while working at Strawberry Studios.  BBC 6 Music.

21-12-10 'The Modern Day Composer Refuses To Die' album release from The Happy Soul. What?Noise release 'Nuance' 4 songs from the early 1990's (previously unavailable).

06-10-10 Interview with The Pseud Mag Ed Zine all things related to THE FALL with Julia.

02-10-10 news update inc. Kin playing the opening of the official fringe event for In The City festival, new videos, Sista Ray and The Jerkin tears playing Kendal Calling Festival.

May releases include a debut from Sista Ray And The Jerkin Tears, two songs sung by Emmy Mcintyre and 'The Apologist' single from City Of Glass.

February releases include 4 more albums in the Eddodi series by Moff Skellington and debut album Mind-carved Canoe from Fall Fan Dave. Danny Short has 6 new songs on album 'Beyond The Numbers'

Details of future releases including a debut album from Fall Fan Dave And The Laptop Dancers.

Long awaited Dot Dot Dot EP by Kin released on 24th November. The Glitch video by Borland featuring Kin. New artists for the label

Borland EP Octopop released on 30th September accompanied by a scarcely recognisable remix of a tune by label mate, Danny Short. Other news

Ruchira Kale EP release, Moff Skellington, and future releases

Album release by eddodi folk artist Moff Skellington, other news including details of an EP by Indian classical artist Ruchira Kale

Danny's Collected Times album reviewed and on the radio, City Of Glass number 2 in Hull Vibe chart. Kin EP details

Collected Times debut album by Danny Short and City Of Glass film sample strife. Other news

Tales From The City debut album by City Of Glass with free mp3 download. Other news

A Place In Space released on the winter solstice with videos and reviews. News of future releases for the label

New signing for A Place In Space , trailer previewing the album, news of future releases

Some Bizzare Album re-issue, Invisiblegirl Channel and Peel Session repeats for The Clouds

Release of lost Illustration single, Danceable and Manchester Evening News item by Adam Moss

Excerpts from THE FALL, a new book from Manchester Music reknowned writer Mick Middles.

Re-issue of two EP's Moon Llama and Bingo Clubs Millennium Ball by The Clouds and John Peel radio sessions info

Re-master, re-issue of album Fat by What?Noise, three new mixes and one bonus track (a cover of Strange Brew a single by Cream in 1967).

Exerpts from book about The Fall by Mick Middles and other Fall related news.

What?Noise review of the three EP's released on Invisiblegirl Records
by Dave Bromwich (Pseud Mag - issue 15)

'The Childraising' EP release and Some Bizzare re-issue

What?Noise review by Mick Middles (Guardian series)

The Sandells, Invisiblegirl vote

The Fall's fanzine 'Pseud Mag', Julia interviewed by Rob Waite

New release by What?Noise:'Lose And Win' EP

New Release 'Fun' by Invisiblegirl

Car Advert
'The Complete Peel Sessions' by The Fall

Blue Cat Cafe recording Karima



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