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Over the last few years Iran has become a focal point of Western record collectors digging deep to discover that unique vibe that only folk of Persian descent can create. There are some wonderful compilations that have unearthed, for European ears at least, music of unique and complex emotions.

Tehran based Anthematic's 'Home' and 'War Against Ourselves' however are not archival records dug from dusty crates but the vital new sounds of a country in flux. Based in Tehran, the anonymous artist here creates a melancholic electronica at once modern but also steeped in Iran's rich musical heritage.

With its distorted vocal 'Home' is a cracked mantra, a requiem for loss in war by people who experience it first hand. 'War Against Ourselves' continues the theme with the plaintive vocals brought to the foreground and complemented by a more ethereal musical landscape. But don't think for a moment that this is just music of circumstance. Far from it, Anthematic's debut release for Manchester's Invisiblegirl label is also a window on to an elegant musical world where ancient beatific cultures merge with the ever-evolving global electronic influence. Quite breathtaking…

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Track Listing
1 Home  
2 War Against Ourselves  

Video of Home.

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Spider Mike King

Spider Mike King

How long can you remain a best kept secret? Is there a record for such things? If not then Spider Mike King is certainly in the running to create one. Arguably the most defiant, independent spirit on the Manchester music scene, Mike has been making music since the late 60s working and performing alone and with pivotal figures who have helped define the city's rich musical heritage.
Manchester's Invisiblegirl label is proud to release Mike's wonderful new track 'Serenity' - a Summery pop gem that expands on his ability to craft melody from the simplest of arrangements. Mike is set to release a forthcoming album for Twisted Nerve/ Finders Keepers' Andy Votel so expect to hear a lot more from this uncompromising figure who's quietly helped define Manchester as the UK's capital of music.

Words by Richard Hector-Jones

Available on Apple Music and other streaming platforms.

Track Listing
1 Serenity  

2 bonus tracks added to CD single.

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  'Anthematic' (2 songs) IG0031

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  'Serenity' (1 song) IG0032
2 bonus tracks added to CD single.

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