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Car Advert

A TV and film advert for Vauxhall Corsa Cars, has been running again throughout August 2006.
A song from our music publishing catalogue by  The Fall , 'Touch Sensitive' (from album 'The Marshall Suite') is used for the soundtrack

The ad can be seen here:

The original recording of the song, done for a John Peel Session is included on a release by Castle/Sanctuary records.
The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004
It is a 6 CD box set.

'The Complete Peel Sessions' received a Mojo award in 2005:



Sponsored by HMV and presented by MOJO and HMV to the reissue that is both definitive and beautifully packaged.

1. The Mamas & Papas - Complete Anthology

2. The Clash - London Calling
25th Anniversary Edition (Sony/BMG)

3. Jeff Buckley - Grace 10th Anniversary Edition (Sony/BMG)

4. The Kinks - Are the Village Green Preservation Society

5. Jack Nitzsche Story 1962 - 1979 - Hearing is Believing
(Ace Records)

6. The Fall - The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004

WINNER: The Fall - The Complete Peel Sessions 1978-2004 (Sanctuary)

Here's one of many press reviews:

The Manchester Evening News
20th April 2005

The Fall - The Complete Peel Sessions


Richard Hector-Jones

AT their best The Fall make most other music wilt. Yet one of the many strange and wonderful things about them is that their Peel Sessions were streets ahead of the album equivalent the sessions were supposed to be helping promote.

So much so that often when the album came out it was a little underwhelming because it didn't have that version you treasured so much on it.

Which is why not only is this six CD box-set a great testament to both band and John Peel but also possibly the best Fall album that's yet been released.

Almost blistering with bile and hilarity in places 'US 80s- 90s' is a high ('Kentucky death keeps pouring down!' to the melody of 'Kentucky Rain'). So too is the furiously overdriven electric guitar and two drummer rhythm of 'Smile' as Smith dissects early '80s gay club etiquette (er?!) with his cranky pinpoint post-PC misanthropic slant.

No one observes from the shadows quite like Smith. And no one gives less of a stuff about what he says. Interestingly fans can chart their love affair with Britain's finest ever lyricist by checking the recording dates of each session.

You'll be surprised quite how long Smith has been needling you with his observations and outright gags. Time to chuck those cassettes away finally, then.

Well maybe not. After all part of the charm was hearing Peely wax lyrical before, after but NEVER during these incredible songs.

Quite unbelievable stuff.



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