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New releases for 14 February 2010

Debut album Mind-carved Canoe by Fall Fan Dave And The Laptop Dancers. Bolton resident Dave Bromwich demos song ideas and his co-writer Ian Harber produces, polishes and helps with song arrangements from where he lives in Australia (they work together over the internet).


  A second release by Danny Short is also expected, sounding as lush and wonderful as the first.
And we have a free download of one of the tracks for you to test out, titled 'Beyond The Numbers'.


We've also agreed to make the full series of albums available (5 in total), by talented folk artist Moff Skellington.
These consist of a new album A Book Of Fretful Chums and three other albums made previously. These works compliment and expand on his first release Gravy On A Plate Of Food.


A long planned 5 track ep with musician Janet Wolstenholme is also being assembled. We're very much looking forward to having this repertoire on Invisiblegirl Records. Manchester lass Janet produces demos for many local groups. She is a composer and has a fantastic voice.

Janet has a soundcloud page here featuring some of her electronica work.



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