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KIN are playing the In The City Festival (Wednesday 13 October) . To celebrate we're making an acoustic radio session and interview available here recorded just before the release of her first EP on Invisiblegirl Records.

More information about the event here.  It's being held at FAC 251 and is the official fringe event for the festival, promoting new artists from the region and is free to get in.

We're currently organising our next releases. One a compilation from artists around the world of electronica music and is being overseen or co-managed  by NRAN who featured our last global compilation A Place In Space (track 2).  Here is NRANs contribution 'Plastic Conversation'.

There is more in discussion, two female artists one from Brooklyn the other from New Jersey (also in NYC) America, both original and quite amazing writers.

As we're celebrating KIN in this newsletter, here is an alternative video done of The Glitch by Borland, which features KIN on vocals.


Invisiblegirl News Archive
Update: 18-07-10

Sista Ray And The Jerkin Tears have been asked to play the Kendal Calling Festival (30 July to 2 August) on all three days, they'll also be selling programs (in their stage clothes) throughout the event.


 *Apparently it went very well and the Kendal Calling Festival has won Best Small Festival award this year.


We're currently signing our next releases. One a compilation from artists around the world of electronica music.   There will be a final EP from What?Noise of 4 unreleased tracks; a recent video here
of one of the last releases from What?Noise.  And a couple new Manchester groups.. (in discussion).

Two songs from our publishing catalogue are being used in an advertising campaign very soon, one by John Hamlin and the other by Borland

Don't forget to check our current releases on the news page.



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