Invisiblegirl News Archive 10-4-07

'What?Noise' release February 2007

Unreleased What?Noise material from the second line up has been made available, another four tracks to compare with the 'Lose And Win EP' released in September last year.
Entitled 'the childraising' , the ep features material from the Hoyle/Taylor era and is available from the following links

The Childraising - EP - What? Noise   or  on CD.

Sleeve details: sketch by Peter Shear

Song titles and details:
  1 Thaw
  2 Mickey Mouse Ears
  3 A Hippy Hit Me  
  4 Hover And Brood

See a review about the new What?Noise releases by Mick Middles here
See a review of'The Childraising' here

Some Bizzare

Collectors item Some Bizzare Album a compilation that included debuts from Depeche Mode, Soft cell, Blancmange and The The and Illustration, is scheduled for re-release in 2008, the original album currently sells for over £50 on ebay.



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