'Nuance' EP  IG0028

21 December 2010
4 unheard songs recorded the early 1990s.

Track Listing

1 Paintin  
2 Hoover  
3 Plasticine  
4 Dizzy  

Available from Apple Music and other streaming platforms.

Details about What?Noise.




'The Childraising' EP (IG0004)

Released in February 2007, previously unreleased tracks recorded in 1992.

Sleeve details: sketch by Peter Shear

Song titles and details:

  Mickey Mouse Ears
 A Hippy Hit Me  
 Hover And Brood

Available from Apple Music and other streaming platforms.

More about this line up of What?Noise .




'Lose and Win' EP  IG0002

Released on September 14  2006, featuring previously unreleased tracks that were recorded in 1991.

Sleeve details: photo by Wotti

Song titles and details:

  New Plant
  Okey Cokey  

Available from Apple Music and other streaming platforms

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More about this line up of What?Noise.




'Vein' EP (IG0001) September 14 2006

The EP was originally released on Cut Deep Records in 1989, on 12" vinyl. The EP is now available again on iTunes, re-issued in September 2006.

Sleeve by Paul Khera (appears by kind permission of Cut Deep Records)

Song titles and details:

Available from Apple Music and other streaming platforms

A video of Vein done by Factory Icon can be seen here:

More information about the original line up of What?Noise.




'Fat' (album re-issue and re-master) IG0007  December 21 2008

Sleeve by Paul Khera

Originally released in 1990 on One Little Indian Records. Album 'Fat' is now reissued and remastered and available from Invisiblegirl Records on Apple Music and other streaming platforms.

Three of the songs have been edited into new arrangements and we've included a bonus track (CD version only) , 'Strange Brew' taken from the 'Through The Looking Glass 1967' compilation on Imaginary Records. 'Strange Brew' is a cover of a record by Cream, that was released in 1967.

Song titles and details:

 Strange Times

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A video of 'Change' from 'Fat' album can be seen here

September 14 2006

'Vein' and 'Lose And Win' double EPCD. Nine tracks in total.

Customer comments:   'Arrived safe & sound & quickly & it's brilliant !'
'good item good price quick delivery'

Available on CD only.


'Nuance' (4 songs) IG0028
Available on CD (paypal)


'Fat' album (14 songs) IG0007
Available on CD (paypal)


'The Childraising'
(4 songs) IG0004
Available on CD (paypal)


'Lose And Win' (4 songs) IG0002
Available on CD (paypal)


'Vein' (4 songs) IG0001
Available on CD (paypal)


What?Noise Double EPCD IG0006
Vein and Lose And Win. 8 Tracks.  CD only


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